WODESS’ second annual awards ceremony

Over the weekend an annual award event was held in the center of Finland`s capital, Helsinki. The event dubbed Golden Women Awards was organized by a new emerging international organization called WODESS (Women Design for Success) based in the metropolitan city Helsinki.

This year’s event, which was second in a row according to the CEO and founder Josephine Atanga, had the theme “stepping into a new level”. It was to encourage women to take up the strong challenge of pushing their entire life (family, business, education, talents etc) to another and a newer dimension.

The award is rooted on the idea of bringing to light both immigrant and non-immigrant women’s remarkable actions in Finland. Throughout the award’s categories, a full range of professions are taken into consideration including visionary creative design, healthcare, entertainment or science and innovation, entrepreneur award etc.

WODESS organizes other annual events such as International Women Conference. The organization also produces WODESS Magazine, which is aimed to cover activities of women, both immigrants and non-immigrants alike.

The aim of WODESS is to help bring into the limelight women who have and are doing great things and helping their societies and different communities with their talents, gifts, skills etc. This year’s Golden Women Awards had a lot of international presence from Estonia, Sweden and the UK and with wonderful performances at display. The Ghanaian presence was Nana Ekuoba Gyasi Gyimah Sempremo, Nana Akuah Sansuo, the king and queen mother of Asanteman kuo Finland respectfully, with their royal pageantry. Nana Gyasi and his Asanteman kuo entourage were among the special guests. Other special guests included His Royal Highness, Mr. Sunil Baweja who is the Head of Chancery of India to Finland, a representative from the South African embassy, and 2016 refugee woman of the year, Miss Rita Kostama. Alos in attendance was Dr. Perpetual Crentsil, a former journalist and now a post-doctorate researcher of University of Helsinki who happened to be one of the main judges.

One of this year’s winners was the owner of Inkuto International Limited, Finland, Mrs Edem Agbekey-Taylor a Ghanaian entrepreneur in Helsinki who’s products have found its way to many Finnish Eco shops and featured in many Finnish women magazines. Her work of empowering widows, orphans and other less privileged in the northern part of Ghana through the production and sales of organic skin and hair care products from shea butter was well noted and rewarded. Edem won this year’s GWA Entrepreneur of the year.

Source: Frank Nyarko

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