The Black Friday craze in Gothenburg, Sweden

Black Friday is an American tradition that has been enjoyed by Sweden for some years now. There was a big shopping storm as usual in this year’s Black Friday. Some shops opened earlier than the usual 10.00 a.m. of opening hours in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Discount on sales ran from 5-50 percent or even more in different shops.  Shoppers gradually flooded the shops to take advantage of the moment and buy as much as possible. To some shoppers it was the perfect opportunity to buy Christmas presents for love ones.

Even though the Black Friday craze is borrowed from American tradition, shoppers in Gothenburg stormed the shops and bought their presents in an orderly manner as they always do on any normal day, unlike overeager shoppers in America who will “kill each other” just to grab a product.

From morning till evening around 17.30 there were still a lot of people in Nordstan shopping mall in search for the best offers. For some shops it was not just a Black Friday but also a black weekend, where discounts on products and services are expected to continue until the end of Sunday.

The discounts were not limited to only clothes and technology shops but also theaters, hotels, and many other services providers.

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