RTV should fire Big Akwess

Royal Television (RTV), a local television station in Kumasi should sack one of its presenters for his unprofessional behaviour on live television towards one of his colleagues for marrying a woman with autism.

Big Akwess, a Ghanaian actor and host of ‘Ate Sem’ on RTV has openly and publicly mocked the marriage ceremony of his colleague actor, Justice Hymn, popular known in the movie industry as ‘Mmebusem’. According to Big Akwess, Mmebusem got married to Abenaa Boatemaa (the wife of Mmebusem) not because of love but for personal gains. Akwess alleged that the family of Boatemaa paid Mmebusem huge sums of money to lure the actor into marrying their daughter. What is most disgusting is when Akwess uses heart-piercing words on his show to embarrass Mmebusem and his wife and the families involved. If marriage is a choice, then why can’t people make their own choice without negativity from people especially colleagues? If you will not support him, why mock him?

I am quite upset by the behaviour of Akwess and the current development of news about the marriage. Love is an unconditional feeling of warm affection, attraction and a desire to be around someone no matter what. When two people, man and woman (at least from our Ghanaian traditions) fall in love, the next step is usually marriage. Marriage is when two people decide to be joined together in a bond to live forever no matter what. I therefore find it difficult to understand why a fellow colleague will make a nonsensical fun at a marriage that God has put together, especially when he claims that he is a friend of the groom.

In RTV’s YouTube video, Akwess claims that Mmebusem is opportunist who wants to gain a fair share of the bride family’s wealth and did not really marry his wife because of love. Furthermore, he referred to a picture where the couple is seen kissing, that the kiss is going to be the last kiss, because according to Akwess, Boatemaa has a very bad teeth.
Below is RTV’s video of the story

The unprofessional behavior of Akwess in mocking his colleague in public is unacceptable and demands an immediate apology to the entire family of the bride and groom. Words alone cannot express the sort of anger I have concerning this story. I can only say that Akwess lacks manners, don’t have respect for his colleague, is jealous and a nonsense person, who has fade out from the movie industry and now using any means to be heard by people. But one will wonder why he won’t use this opportunity he has in RTV to make a good name for himself?

I am still surprise why he has not been fired from his job. I have my own reservations when it comes to the ‘Ate sem’ show. I think the host is not qualified and needs some really serious training before whoever put him there allows him to continue doing what he is doing.

In a conversation with a Bekwai based radio host, Mmebusem denied all allegations that he married because of money. But even if it is true, does anyone have the right to discuss it like this so-called host did? This is pure childish act, which should be highly condemned.

Source: Simon

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