John Boadu inaugurates NPP international branch in Sweden

The National Organiser and acting General Secretary of the opposition New Patriotic Party (N.P.P), John Boadu, has inaugurated an N.P.P international branch in Sweden last Sunday. Part of the inauguration was to raise funds to financially support the party in this year’s election campaign. Speaking at the inauguration, which was attended by over 60 supporters of the N.P.P political party, Boadu said, “this year’s election is not going to be child’s play”.

According to Boadu, the plan of the N.P.P towards this year’s election is to allow all their international branches to sponsor some of the local constituencies in Ghana. He tasked the Sweden branch to sponsor at least 2 local constituencies. He said according to the party’s estimate, each local constituency would need a financial support of at least 5,000 euros to boost the campaign before the election. Participants at the inauguration were able to raise over 120,000 Swedish kronor (about 12,000 euros).

Touching on some of the achievements of the NPP during their term in power, Boadu said that projects like the National Health Insurance Scheme and the Rural Development Plan were implemented by Ex-President Kuffour to help every Ghanaian and not just a few as seen by the National Democratic Congress (N.D.C) party.

Boadu stressed that corruption is one of the biggest challenges facing Ghana under President Mahama and the N.D.C government. He said the Attorney General under President Mahama is unable to bring people who defraud the country to justice because he doubles as a cabinet member of the ruling government. He said when the N.P.P is elected into office they will “reverse these trends of corruption in the country by implementing systems to tackle corruption. Nana Addo, when elected will appoint a qualified independent prosecutor with no political affiliation, to oversee the justice process of the state and bring offenders to book without fear or favour.”

N.P.P campaign for this year is called “retail campaign. It is designed to touch each and every voter. Every community has its own peculiar problems and the focus of the campaign is to address people according to their problems and needs,” Boadu said.

Explaining to participants about one constituency, one million dollars policy as mentioned in their nation-wide campaign, Boadu said that there is “$1.5 billion provision made in Ghana’s budget that is allocated to infrastructure and development. The party under the presidency of Nana Addo will establish 3-development authorities; Northern, Middle belt and Coastal development authorities. Each constituency will receive $1 million through the development authorities to develop themselves according to their needs.”

Boadu later advised party members not to leave their children home when they attend party meetings. “Bring them to be part of the family. The tradition should go on,” he said. He also entreated supporters of the party to pray and intercede on behalf of the New Patriotic Party and the flag bearer, Nana Akufo-Addo for victory in the 2016 elections.

He however cautioned members to be mindful of their language and avoid words that will pull people out from the party. He said, members in their campaign should “let people understand why they should join the N.P.P to win power in 2016.”

Boadu commended the Swedish branch of the N.P.P for their active support for the party and for change in 2016 election.

Also in attendance at the inauguration were some executive members of N.P.P international branch in Finland.

Source: GHDiaspora

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