Ghana goes to the poll tomorrow

The much-awaited day of voting in Ghana has finally arrived. All public political campaigns have seized but politicians are allowed to do one-on-one campaign. The political tension in this year’s election is obviously higher than all previous elections in the fourth republic.

The final rallies of both the biggest opposition party; New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) were held in Accra on Sunday 4 and Monday 5 December 2016 respectively. Both rallies witnessed massive support from various political parties. Other political parties involved in the election rounded up their campaigns within the week in various regions of the country.

With much enthusiasm seen throughout the campaign period, it is expected that the voter turn out of this year’s election will be very high. Some political parties have this morning organized buses to transport some of their supporters from their headquarters in Accra to various constituencies and regions to allow them to cast their vote tomorrow. Other forms of transportation have been organized for party supporters in other regions.

It is reported that most security personnel have been deployed as at this morning to polling stations to provide protection at the electoral areas. It is believed that all security personnel assigned on duty tomorrow will be transported today. The police have assured Ghanaians that they are on top of their game and will ensure that Ghanaians witness a peaceful election process during and after the elections.

The Electoral Commission has given assurance that everything is under control and the electoral process will go on smoothly. All assets of the Electoral Commission will be transported in the early morning of tomorrow to various polling stations. This is part of the security measures taken in order to avoid anything that will jeopardize the electoral process.

After years of heated political campaigns, the Ghanaians voter now has the final power to determine who becomes the leader and the 5th president of the 4th Republic of Ghana and the voter will also decide on who will represent him/her in parliament. The voter has until 17.00 GMT 7th December 2016 to analyze all campaign messages and to decide whom to vote for. The power, until end of the election period, is in the thumb of the ordinary Ghanaian voter.

Ballots in various polling stations will be counted in the full view of the public as soon as the voting time ends. However, the declaration of the presidential results could take between 2 and 3 days since results from all polling stations will have to be collated in order to get the final figure.

The presidential election could enter a second round if none of the candidates is able to win 50 percent (%) plus 1 vote. The EC have said that it is prepared for the unlikely event that demands a second round of the presidential election. All the political parties have also stressed that their presidential candidate will win in the first round.

Source: GH Diaspora

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