GH Diaspora is an online multimedia news magazine that produces news content that reflects the activities of Ghanaians in diaspora. Additionally, we produce news content that have an effect on the Ghanaian community even if the source of the news is outside the community. At the moment, our news content is focused on Ghanaians living in the Scandinavia. However, our news content are relevant to other Ghanaian diasporic communities as well.

Activities of Ghanaians in the diaspora especially those in the Scandinavia are not found in the Western mainstream news. GH Diaspora fills this gap by reporting on activities of these Ghanaians and on any issue that will affect their lives. GH Diaspora collaborates with experts and professionals from various professional fields who help our news team with an in-depth discussion of issues. Our news team involves professional journalists who possess the needed skills to report on stories using different multimedia platforms. We make global news out of local news and vice versa. Our choice of stories has no limit as far as it connects to the diasporic communities.

We rely on other news agencies in instances where we are unable to physically be present to cover news stories, due to lack of logistics. We give credit to news content that are not produced by GHDiaspora by stating the source of the news. We do not take responsibility of news content from other sources. We also welcome contributions from various Ghanaian diasporic communities  but more especially from Ghanians in Scandinavian countries. We do not censor news content from contributors, however, our news editors do a proofreading to check if the content might contain some errors, before it is published on our website. GH Diaspora does not take any responsibility whatsoever on news content created by our contributors.

Time is of essence to us, however, we do not compromise on quality. We work around the clock to update our website to be able to stay on top and serve our audience with the best. In the future we plan to extend our focus to other Ghanaian diasporic communities within Europe.

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We are currently working on our news mobile application to able to easily reach out to all readers on all mobile devices. The App, which will be launched soon, will allow readers the possibility to assess news content offline.

For further suggestions, contributions and questions please contact us by using the form on our contact page.